How does EDDM® Full Service work? 

1. Select Full Service and product options

We offer a variety of sizes and finishing for your Every Door Direct mailing campaign

2. Select In Mailbox Date

This is the estimated time you want your targeted customers to get the cards

3. Choose your routes

Using our route selection tool you will be able to easily choose your targeted customers by seeing their median income, household, age and total addresses in a route.

4. Upload or design your artwork

You can upload your art or use our online designer to design your campaign. See below for the link to our EDDM® Full Service templates

5. Checkout

Easy checkout process and once you checkout we take care of the rest:

 • We print your artwork and bundle your order

 • We take care of the EDDM® processing and deliver your EDDM® order to USPS®

 • USPS® delivers your promotional and marketing material to all the mailboxes in your target area

Popular EDDM® products and sizes are:

 6" x 12" Postcards

 8.5" x 11" Flyers

Popular EDDM® uses are:

Real Estate Promotions

Restaurant Promotions

Business promotions

USPS®, EDDM® and EVERY DOOR DIRECT MAIL® are trademarks of the United States Postal Service

Full Service:

We’ve Taken all the guess work out of it...

Our EDDM Full Service Solution takes all the guess work out of the process. Use our easy to use online tool to choose a product, choose your EDDM routes and upload your artwork. Then we take care of the printing, bundling, EDDM processing and delivery to USPS. 

Print Only:

All our sizes here have been approved by the USPS for EDDM Delivery. Use our templates to design your artwork, then insert your own Indicia.


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